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The IMO adopted “The International Convention for The Control and Management of Ships Ballast Water Ballast Water and Sediments, 2004” (Ballast Water Management Convention) with the aim of protecting the marine environment from the transfer of harmful aquatic organisms in ballast water carried by ships. According to the IMO, as much as 3 to 5 billion tons of ballast water with hundreds of organisms are annually taken on in the coaster waters in one region and discharged at the next port of call.

The IMO Ballast Water Management Convention will enter into force worldwide on 8 September 2017. This convention starts a global effort aimed at halting the spread of invasive aquatic species. Going forward, all IMO vessels will need to install a ballast water treatment capacity.

ISS Machinery Services Ltd announces our commercial agency for JFE Engineering Co., Japan.

JFE’s product, JFE BallastAce is a ballast water management solution that utilizes a filtration and formulated chemical injection method to treat ballast water. ISS Machinery provides the BallastAce system complete, as well as after-services and support. Our services include introducing ship yards, engineering companies, 3D Scanning and CAD Designing services for BWMS retrofit works to customers worldwide.

As of January 2017 the total number of orders received is 1,200 units.